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I ONLY SEE レッド・グリーン // Mikenno

Catching Bitches Since 2004

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アメリカ: What the fUK


I'm an avid fan of crying over my keyboard while trying to write creative pieces filled with luciously gay entertainment. I favor many TV shows and anime/manga series, and I'm a strange guy lurking in your journals and occassionally peeing all over your f-lists.


AIM: Ethan of Ares
Twitter: Mikenno
Plurk: Mikenno


5927, 8059, 999, abe/mihashi, ace attorney series, aitsu no daihonmei, aksys games, ao no exorcist, apollo justice, arthur/eames, asch/luke, assrainbows, bl, bones, boys love, cock in my soup, cops, d18, doujinshi, dreaming bigger darling, dumplings, eames/arthur, eyeshield 21, fictitious sassy fbi agents, final fantasy 10, final fantasy 13, final fantasy 4, final fantasy 7, final fantasy series, fringe, gavincest, guro, gyakuten saiban, gyuuki huge, hetalia, his most favorite, hitman reborn, horror games, hotel dusk, house md, inception, internet, jade/peony, japanese, junpei, katekyo hitman reborn, katekyoushi hitman reborn, kingdom hearts, kirby, klavier/apollo, kristoph/apollo, kyle/bradley, kyou kara maou, late morning fapping, law and order svu, letter bee, loveless, luke/guy, man bacon baton, manga, mantouch, masochistic language learning, mythology, naruto, neal/peter/el, new york city, nonary game, nuramago, nurarihyon no mago, nyc, oofuri, peter/neal, phoenix wright, pointing towards justice, porn, professor layton, professor layton's trunk, project runway, psych, ragnarok online, reborn, reborn!, rockman, rockman exe, ryuusei no rockman, saito/carpet, sasunaru, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shin/sena, shota, shounen-ai, silent hill series, sora/riku, stephen fry, tales of legendia, tales of series, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, teatime, tegami bachi, tiger & bunny, trace memory, usuk, usxuk, very fine hats, visual novels, waaalltteeerr, white collar, x27, xanxus/squalo, yaoi, youkai, ぬらりひょんの孫, ぬら孫, アイツの大本命, ゴーシュ・スエド, テガミバチ, 佐藤隆彦, 吉田義男, 日本語, 純情ロマンチカ